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Work At Home Business Opportunity:
Give Away Free Information

by Stephen Wright

Sometimes I don't think people understand the power of the Internet. Let's briefly look at how you can create a work at home business opportunity by giving away free information. This concept is very easy to get started with and anyone can do it!

1. The main thing to understand is people are searching the Internet everyday for information. They have problems they need solved and they have questions that they need answers to.

2. People love to get free information. This is why you see so many people downloading free ebooks, reports, articles, and even subscribing to online newsletters.

3. You can take this desire for free information and turn it into a powerful work at home opportunity for yourself. You start by analyzing a niche you have an interest in that could solve peoples problems.

Oftentimes you see people start a home business in a niche they have a passion for. This could be a hobby as well.

4. Once you have identified a potential niche you can join affiliate programs for free to find products to sell.

Many of these affiliate programs have prewritten autoresponder messages that you can give information away for free when people subscribe to your autoresponder.

5. The same affiliate programs often offer you landing pages to promote that are designed to entice a prospect into giving their name and email address. This is where the autoresponder messages are tied to and when someone subscribes they automatically begin receiving them.

6. It is interesting that the autoresponder messages will appear as though they are written by you as the affiliate. They also include your affiliate ID number on any website URLs so when someone makes a purchase you are given credit for the sale.

7. The skill that it takes to build an email list is the hard part. Once you have a system in place you can spend 99% of your time promoting your landing page and building your list.

Because the Internet is competitive you will want to find unique ways to promote your free information. Again you can do the majority of this online sitting in front of your computer.

Popular ways to promote free information include video marketing, blogging, social networking, and article marketing. If you are not comfortable doing these type of things you can even outsource much of the work.

There are people who will do it for you. You can even outsource your work overseas at a fraction of the cost that you would pay to have it done here in the United States.

This is not theory. You truly can develop your own work at home business opportunity by combining affiliate marketing and giving away free information!


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