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Top 5 Criteria for Choosing an Ideal Home Based Business


2006 - Stephen Wright



Looking for a home based business? The internet provides a wonderful medium full of opportunity and choices for potential and existing business entrepreneurs.


That’s the good news. The bad news ---there are so many choices that it can quickly become overwhelming to find one that is right for you. The only statistic higher than the sheer number of new internet home business start ups are the staggering number of failures of those same start ups.


This article will address critical decision criteria that will help you in making wise choices. More importantly, we will explore several evaluation criteria I have used personally, and have recommended to others who have used them with great success.


Using these criteria will greatly increase the likelihood of your online home business success and profits.


Criteria #1: The first criteria and foremost important one is: Find Something That You Really Love and Can Enjoy Doing. Obviously, there are lots and lots of people who can and do make money working on something or for someone that they don’t like or even hate. BUT WHY!!


This is your BIG CHANCE! The whole point of being an entrepreneur and running an internet home business is to be your own boss. The odds of success increase dramatically when you are able to find something you can be enthusiastic and passionate about.


Criteria #2: Take advantage of your personal area(s) of expertise and knowledge base. Honestly, everyone has something they know quite a bit about, or always had a keen interest in which can be quickly developed into a full blown area of expertise. Along with Criteria #1, this will doubly increase the probability of your success.


Personally, I have talked with literally hundreds of home based business owners – some who were very successful, others who quite frankly were struggling and failing miserably with their home business activities at the time of the discussions.


An overwhelming number of those who were successful used one or both of Criteria 1 & 2 as the basis for starting their business. Likewise, the vast majority of the failed businesses used neither. Coincidence? I think NOT!


By the way, in case you are interested----profits and “making money” were the Number 1 criteria most common for the failed businesses.


Criteria #3: Profitability and Revenue Potential. Hey, I’m not stupid or naive!  Sure, making enough money to be comfortable, take care of our families, and afford things we don’t really need---all these are important motivation factors for all of us. No reason to fight or deny it!


The point obviously is that finding something you love to do and have some understanding of at the outset will make you successful. The profits and money will eventually follow if the first two are in place as a solid foundation.


Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSNmake it very easy for even the novice of us to gain an enormous amount of financial data and profitability information on most any industry or market.


Use these to do advance work to make sure you are investing your time, energy and home business efforts into a market area that is profitable and growing. This should be for both a short and mid, term duration – say 2 & 4 years out. Moving and operating into and out of multiple markets in an internet business is relative easy thing to do these days.


So don’t worry as much about the long term aspects. Once you are up, running and doing well, you will have plenty of time to adapt to market conditions.


Criteria #4: Basic Market/Industry Assessment.  Before making a final decision to enter any potential area of investment, it is vital that you conduct at least a mid level (as opposed to a high level) analysis of the market and industry you are considering entering.


This should include identifying who the top firms are (like the top 10 for example). Who are they, what do they sell, how do they conduct their marketing, how competitive is the market, how much investment of resources (time and money) is needed to enter into this market. This is just the basic list. The point is to make sure you know what you are in for and what it might take to get there.


Criteria #5: Find a business that lets you start out small and grow into it. The vast majority of unsuccessful home based business owners I’ve talked to suggest they would have had a better chance, if they had not invested so much time effort and money at the outset---most if not all of which was lost in the effort. 


Sure if you have got the resources and can afford the potential losses, that’s great. Go for it! Otherwise, consider finding home business Opportunity that require a lot less than your life savings, a second mortgage, or your first borne son!!


Being successful with a home based business is really not as difficult as you might think. It is easy --in a relative manner. Easy of course, if you know what you are doing.


While I can’t promise you that, I can however promise you that starting out with the 5 criteria outlined in this article will go a long way towards ensuring the likelihood that you will be successful with yours.


Best of luck, wealth, health, and prosperity with your internet marketing efforts!



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