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Starting Your Own Home Based Consulting Business

2007 - Stephen Wright


In times past, being a home business consultant was limited to high level politicians, corporate leaders, and the like. However, this has dramatically changed over the last 5-8 years. Today, many companies, large and small, increasingly are outsourcing specialized expertise from consultants. These range from simple efficiency and operational areas through major complex strategy development. This article provides insights, tips, and advice on getting started with your very own home based consulting business.


Likewise, the number of consultants has been growing exponentially. No longer bound by the 8-5 work styles of the past, many now prosper through opportunities for work from home business opportunities. The areas of expertise also continue to expand greatly.


And the good news for potential home business consultants is that the profitability continues to rise as well. It is not at all unheard of for consultants to command hundreds to thousands of dollars per hour or day for their services, and still others work on an annual retainer fees that can reach into the tens, thousands and even millions for large corporations.


What then does it take for someone to become a home business consultant? Contrary to popular belief, almost anyone can become a consultant.  Simply stated, you need to be good at solving problems, have good ideas, or have organizational skills. Like any other area, to be successful, you will need to be able to sell yourself, your ideas, and your value to potential clients.


To get started, you need to complete a self analysis inventory of your own skills, knowledge, areas of specialized training or expertise you may have. And do not forget, as always, my number one advice for anyone going into a home based business activity is to insist that you identify an area that you really like. Getting passionate about what you are doing is a huge key to success and personal well being.


Once your self inventory and assessment is complete you will match your strengths to potential client needs. This will ensure a good fit between the expertise and benefit of your skill, knowledge, and abilities aligned with the client's needs.


A great benefit of being a consultant as part of your home based business activity is that you do not need a fancy office or even an office building for that matter. Many consultants now operate effectively from a spare room in their home, a basement section, dining room space, or ideally a small section of their existing home.


With regard to advertising your business, look for those catering to the type of business you want to serve. Basically, unless a publication reaches the people you are trying to sell to, don't advertise in it regardless of the specific style, quality, or advantage of advertising rates.


There is one tip somewhat unique to consulting that should be considered as you move forward. When advertising you should not quote prices up front or at the outset of any discussions with potential clients. Your focus should be on collecting the names, addresses, and phone numbers. Whenever possible follow up in person through scheduled appointments to be able to get a first hand look at their situation, needs, and requirements.


This then will put you into a better position to give a written proposal to solve their problems. Personalizing proposals and services you offer to meet their unique and specific problems is a key to having highly satisfied clients.


At this point selling your ideas through your proposal and the presentation of it to the potential client makes all the difference in the world. Keep it all upbeat, positive and as professional as possible are keys to success.


With these points in mind, you should be well on your way to have a highly successful and profitable home based business consulting firm in no time.


About the Author
Stephen Wright is President & CEO of 
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