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Networking - The Gateway To Internet Credibility and Revenues

Copyright - Stephen Wright


Becoming a Home Based Business and Internet marketing guru is not something that happens overnight. It takes a significant dedication to carefully developing your knowledge, skills and abilities.  During the course of this evolutionary process for yourself, you must develop the relationships and respect of your peers and potential clients/customers.  This can be accomplished through an on-going process of networking.


Networking in this manner includes spending time in various home business forums, relevant groups, boards, loops and discussion exchanges.  Appropriately, each of these has a primary purpose or relevance focus designed to facilitate and enhance the field of Internet Marketing through ideas, promotions, and topic exchange.


You then must personally participate in a significant manner in these sorts of activities and venues.  These are where you have the “opportunity” to market yourself, your ideas, suggestions, input, advice and counsel in support of and in a contributory manner to the field of running a Home Based Business and Internet marketing as well as to the betterment of others --- your peers. All of which is critical to building a proper foundation of service to others. 


There are countless numbers of groups for any given topic or subject area of interest. And the best part, many are free to join.  The array included popular Internet topics such as: Internet Marketing Ideas and Tips, eBay buying/selling, Work at Home, Employment, Web Hosting, etc.


As you start the effort of building your “online resume” a word of caution: time management can be critical.  It is not uncommon to hear or read about the toll taken on unsuspecting web marketers who get totally and utterly immersed in spending time on the Internet that it quickly has a detrimental impact on their personal and physical well being.


Being on the internet can be both time consuming and for many, addictive in nature. This is compounded by the significant amount of distractions continually vying for our attention while interacting on the Internet. You must find ways to carefully allocate your time and resources, allowing ample time both on and off the web!


Diversification is a key element in building yourself and your abilities.  This means continuously taking information and feedback you gain from the networking activities, to be applied back with other activities.  For example gaining information and input from a product development forum allows you to give information as a more informed user on a user forum, exchanging information on similar issues.


This allows you to utilize your skills, knowledge and abilities and continually refine your knowledge base. This also helps build credibility among various groups and users.  It is a known fact that people do business with those who they know or trust. Being successful with a home based business is not different.


Using this approach allows others to see you in a supporting role, not necessarily in one only “interested in profits and making a buck!” Networking in this fashion allows you to establish yourself as a knowledgeable fellow entrepreneur, not as someone only out for self promotion or worse yet “a Spammer”! 


The trick is subtle self promotion is a graciously accepted practice. Shameless and abrupt advertising will get you now where.  Once you have this level of respect and credibility, the revenues and profits won’t be far behind. If you want real success, get started networking your way there today.


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