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Improve Your Internet Home Business with Link Content 

2006 - Stephen Wright 

Read search results about building a home based business or work at home opportunity programs and you will find a seemingly endless list of different strategies and advice about how to get links to your website. Content is acknowledged as a critical component and a major determinate in search engine ranking criteria. Google in their advice to webmaster sites list both content and relevant links as primary criteria for their search engines in determining page rank (PR) ratings. 

What if it were possible to generate relevant content for your home based business while generating links to our respective websites at the same time? In the game of Scrabble you would call this “a double word score!”

Many of us as internet marketers have adopted techniques that employ a combination of both of these methods as part of our efforts to “grow the business”. One such technique does exactly that. 

Take for example the practice of writing and publishing articles (a common practice for building your web presence) about your chosen field of expertise or niche market topic area.  When you complete the article always end it with a signature (sig) which includes a link back to your website or product offering.

As an example, take a look at the extensive amount of articles I have written over on the Internet Marketing USA website or my blog site. Each article contains this unique technique. 

And what about the articles themselves? Clearly, the better the article, the more likely your articles will be picked up by other webmasters and websites for content to fill their web pages.

The more web pages that have your articles, the more “one way links” you have, all pointing directly back to your web site. All driving free (free cost to you versus pay-per-click traffic that is!) all coming into your website or product promotion pages, complements of your well written articles—containing your links of course. 

Your choice of articles topics likewise needs to be carefully structured, planned and thought out to entice webmasters and readers. It is not complicated but does require an amount of forethought. The articles being sought out are those on current hot topics of the day, controversial issues draw huge amounts of interest.

Take a look at the world, national, or industry headlines. There is continually an abundant wealth of topic areas and “heated debate” just waiting for you to put a different twist of the subject, showing yourself as someone knowledgeable on the subject.

Whether it be a pro or con argument or perspective is irrelevant. Being involved with the issues and providing an informed opinion is all it takes. 

Another technique is to take a look at search result websites such as Yahoo Business (formerly or some other free search engine results website.

On these you will be able to research the volume and search numbers for any given keyword or combination of keywords. Using the terms most often searched is likewise a starting place for fertile ground to locate “hot” topic areas. 

You will be amazed and utterly shocked at just how fast your articles will be picked up. Utilizing a few well chosen article submission websites, your articles will be circulating like wildfire, all over the internet, on literally hundreds, if not thousands of “other people’s websites”.

They will all bring in traffic through those simple signature links, back to your website or product pages, and best of all - without the expense of paid advertising. 


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