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Using Creativity In Your Home Based Business

2007 - Stephen Wright


Attempting to create and maintain a successful internet business requires a firm grasp on specific marketing techniques. Many of these are unique to the marketing on the internet versus a traditional brick and mortar business. However, one constant that prevails for both is in the area of promoting, advertising and marketing your business.


In fact an essential key to being successful is promoting your business is a continuous and constant requirement. The “opportunities” are never ending and must be frequently updated and reworked. 


Below are a few of the basic areas you will need to carefully consider when promoting your business and activities to ensure success in your promotions.


For each promotion activity you have underway, make sure that each one has a specific purpose and “goal”.  To randomly create and put into place promotions that are unrelated to your products or ones that do not contribute in some meaningful way are a waste of resources (money and your time to put them into place). Plan the promotions carefully and follow up closely to ensure they are working as planned.


Make sure you have properly identified and targeted the audience most likely to benefit by and be interested in your product promotions.  To do otherwise is again a total waste of your time and money.


Testing and measuring your efforts is vital to your success. There are numerous methods for doing this with home based business activities on the internet. These include such applications as ad tracking software/services and autoresponders. Personally, I use both of these methods and find them invaluable. Not only do they allow you to track the effectiveness of your promotions, in the case of autoresponders, they allow you to run a portion of your business on “auto pilot”.


Make sure your promotions offer solutions to audience’s problems or issues. Offering vividly clear solutions to common problems is a formula for success. Your potential clients will know the difference. You must clearly demonstrate that you understand their problems and are offering bonafide solutions.


To convince them you understand their problems you must offer clear and distinct benefits followed by clear features of your solution which will solve their problems. This may sound simple, but one does not have to read very far to find hundreds of promotional internet marketing business ads and promotions which do not follow this basic rule. Clients are interested in features that will solve their problems, period.


And lastly, persistence is a key ingredient to success. Only through persistent hard work, keeping your products and promotions for those products in front of potential “targeted” customers will ensure your success in profits and revenues.


Using the techniques above, along with a little creativity in putting them into place will go a long way towards ensuring success with home based business programs.




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